Note: If the hack NAME is written in Italic, you need artmoney.
Credit for the PICTURES of the below hack goes to TRIPPDOCTOR!

Credit for the PICTURES of the below hack goes to TRIPPDOCTOR!

(some Images are wide and the edges are cut off.)

1. Delete all gold. (Optional)

2. Go to a floor of the dungeon and grab some gold from a chest/barrel.

3. Open Cheat Engine and select the process running Sherwood. Now Scan the amount of gold you picked up in Cheat Engine.

4. Grab another some more gold.

5. Next scan the total amount of gold you have in Cheat Engine.
•Repeat those steps (just keep getting gold and searching it) until you get 1 result in the box to the right.

6. Double click the result.

7. Change the value by double clicking on the value where it says value, which is now the amount you currently have. and Change it to whatever value you want the max amount being 999999999.

8. Log out by typing /logout and log back in and now you have more gold. Edit Alpha: You don't need to log out, just modify your gold, get more, or click the merchant to see the change.

The Result


 >Color hack: This is the memory region way. Do what you do normally, the
Grey=1 Red=2 Green=3 Blue=4 way, when you get the 1 value, click search memory region, and now you can freely change color value and it will work.
>Player HP slowly drains: get a player to have full health, search 100. Now hit them and quickly scan decreased value until you get enough results to use the Select all items option when right clicking on the list. When you can, click select all, go into the memory region, and add the first address you see too the list. (That's there HP. Freeze it and say can only decrease, so they will either keep losing health, or they just won't heal.
________________________________________________________________Potion Hack
(some Images are wide and the edges are cut off.),

1. Get at least 15 potions.

2. Now that you have enough potions scan how many you have in cheat engine.

3. Drink a potion.

4. Scan the total amount of potions you have now.
*Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you get 1 result in the box to the right.*

5. Double click the result to add it to the bottom then double click the result in the bottom where it says value.

6.Change the value to whatever value you want the max amount being 999999999. Then click ok.

7. Drink a potion to see the change.



1. Get a 10 monster quest and search 10 in CE. Kill a monster, search 9.
•Remember FOR ALL SHERWOOD HACKS, the result will always start with 0. And second will always be either, 8,9,A,B,C,5. This way you can guess what the right 1 is.
--DONT CHANGE WRONG VALUE! It can result in sherwood closing.


1. You will need a speed talisman. Equip 1.
2. Press tab to make the bar yellow. Search 1 in CE. (REMEMBER, FIRST TIME IS FIRST SCAN. SECOND TIME IS NEXT SCAN.)
3. Press Ctrl now (don't press it until you get to this step.) The bar starts draining while your speed talisman is in effect. Immediatly search 2 (next scan.)
4. When the bar empties, it will start to refill. It is now blue. Search 3 in CE.
5. This will give you the result. Change the value and freeze to 0.
--You may think this isn't hitting the enemy or cause it doesnt do damage. This is just lag. It does damage.

1. Go to floor 1. Scan 1.
2. Go to floor 2 scan 2.
3. Keep going to floors and searching value.
4. When you find result, change value to what floor you want. The monsters will become that level. When you die, you appear on that floor.
••By the way you can go to floor 15 million ++

1. Make your sherwood name look EXACTLY LIKE THIS: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. (If you want, -iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii- works too) Another words 29 i's, or 27 i's with a - on each side. On CE MAKE BYTES=TEXT. Make sure to check : Also Scan read only memory. Ok In Ce first scan iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. You will get 2-3 BLACK results. Double click all black results. Change value to what you want your name to be.
2. Now delete an i from your name on sherwood log in screen. Funny name, huh? Delete the box you see (very closest thing to the log in icon.)
••Thats it!
--D O N O T. Make your name with spaces, or alts that the game wont allow such as: †,®,©,™,œ,£, ETC ETC. you will get banned.

1. Easy. On CE click ENABLE SPEED HACK.
2. The current speed is 1.0. Change it lower to go slower. .1=super slow! 2+ is fast. WARNING: GOING 2+ MAY DISCONNECT YOU FROM THE SERVER.
--While your going slow, you do normal damage the opponnet does a lot less damage. You hit them with normal speed they hit you like there SLOW.
Room Hack

Room 1: Value 1.
Room 2: value 2.
Change it to like room 555, and you will be there instantly.

•Do unknown initial value, now take damage until your almost dead.
•Once your almost dead (make sure you go somewhere where you wont take damage AND HURRY!)
•Ok when you attack your health doesn't go up. Let it go up a little and start attacking to stop it. Now click value increased and scan it. (you can attack while in CE hold ctrl.)
•Now let it go up a little, then block and scan Value increased until you get a result. Let it get full then freeze it.
--See Green's post for further help.


1. Go to a room, most likely a dungeon floor.
2. Wait until somemonsters appear, scan the ammount of them in CE. (The emmount in 1 room, not whole floor.)
3. Kill 1 or let more appear and scan the new ammount.
4. When you get 1 result, change value to how many you want. (you might have to freeze it)
--Thanks to: Blackshadow on the CE forums.
Change Cost Of Items and Sell Price

1. Go to the merchant. Look at an item. Lets say it costs 999999 gold, in CE (4 bytes, exact) search 999999.
2. Change the result (if 1, otherwise just keep next scanning) until you get 1 then change value to like 1. Or 0, then it costs that much.
•You can do the same with sell price.

1. Like top 1, Go look at a merchant weapon: Max damage is 9999999. SCan that in CE, and change it to what u want the damage to be.
Same with armor. (Rings/Shields)
•--If it doesnt work: Scan type=Values Between. Do between 1 and 999999999 if thats the damage then change it to like 999999999 and 999999999. Buy the weapon and your done.

•Now. Go up the castle ramp and nex scan increased value. Go down and scan decreased. Keep doing this until you get 1-500 results (seems alright)
•Then freeze them all at the top of the ramp, walk down and you start to bounce like crazy.
•Go through walls (Castle)-If you did the above 1 correctly, take it off by unfreezing and you will be able to go through walls.
•Go under castle- Like the first 1, instead activate it at the bottom. This will allow you to go through the castle and go underground.

Revised Bounce Hack:

For the jump/bounce hack here is a quick and easy way to get it done with Cheat Engine with integer hex values. Floating point will also work as described else where in the forum, but takes a little a more work.

Set CE up for Exact Search in Hex for 2 Bytes

In the game, go to Lady Marian and do the first scan with a value of 4191 (hex)

In the game, go to the Merchant above Marian and do the second scan with a value of 4216 (hex)

That should give you 4 addresses and values. You only need to mainpulate the 2nd address. Find a height you like and freeze the value and see what happens. Ex. from Marian, go to the ramp going down. At the top of the ramp facing the dragon, freeze the value. Go forward in the game towards the dragon. Once you get on top of the dragon platform, unfreeze the address to stop the bouncing.

Here are some hex values I captured if needed in your CE searching:

Marian 4191
Merchant 4216
Guard 4112 Careful... can change to 4111 if you are not right on top of the Guard
High Tower 431E
Lower Towers (left or right) 4287

Floating point would make is easier to adjust the height later on than using hex integers.


--Be grey, scan 1. (Or text scan, Grey.)
--Be Red, 2. (Or Text scan. Red)
--Be green, 3 (Or Text scan, Green)
--Be Blue, 4 (Or Text scan, Blue)
•Now keep doing it until you get 1 result. (After blue go back to grey) then make the value something 5+. Some people this won't work for, but either way, if you get hit with a talisman you will stay that color.
--------NOTE: If you choose the text scan way you can make it Crystal and turn crystal color, and see through.
(See memory region at top if this is patched)

1. Ok just take your weapon. Search the value, but make it TEXT search.
-I have a sword that does 1-55785 damage.
-I make the bytes=text. I search: 1-55785 (all of that)
-I make the value 999999999-999999999. That's it. SAME FOR ARMOR.
1 Hit Kill:

•First you need someone to help you here. Block someone's attack and search 1.
•Block another 1, search 2. Block a third, search 3. Do this until you get the value. Now change it to like 999 and freeze. You will then get 1 hit kills.
Healing Ring Hack:

There are 2 ways.
Way 1. Get all 3 types of healing ring. 33%, 66%, and 100%. Equip 33 and search this in CE. Now equip 66 and search 66 in CE. Then Equip 100 and search 100. Make the value what you want.
Way 2. Do the same as the Damage/Armor hack (New) But search EXACTLY WHAT YOU SEE IN THESE BRACKETS IF YOUR HAVE 100% HEALING RING: [ 100% improved healing time. ] Search that. All you do is change the 100 to like 999 and it will work.
Character Hack
Ok The values are: GIRL=1 BOY=2 KNIGHT=3 SKELETON=4 Change those to whatever you want.
•Note: A lot of the values only make your character all messed up. Have a back up file ready.
/Helmet Hack: Values are: Helmet with wings=1. next 1 after that=2, next=3, next=4 etctc. Change to whatever you want.
•Note: After doing this, you may not be able to enter the character panel. If so don't keep clicking it or you will get shockwave.
LEVEL HACK: Make it scan for text then search your level or type in Xp level 8500 etc. Now click find what writes to this address (Right click) and go level up. A Value will appear in there. Click replace. then freeze it at like 9999 and level up again, and it will say advanced to Xp level 9999.
1. Search unknown inital value (anywhere)
2. Now walk somewhere and click Changed Value.
3. Keep doing that in a different location.
4. When you get down a few results, cahnge the value to a number where you want to teleport, then freeze it. Nothing will happen yet.
5. Walk somewhere else now, now right click, and click find what ACCESSES this address. Attach the debugger, then walk anywhere to change it. Don't click replace, instead right click and open the memory mode thingy, scroll down to find the address, then click replace.
•Now if you change the value you will teleport.
>Becoming Admin: Search your name in text, (make it something in CAPS and ALTS and LONG for best results) Then search the memory region (right click). Now on the very top part you see your name. Write in Administrator instead of your name. NOW you will get banned. Change the clock ahead, but also go to where your sherwood file is located, and delete the _mm075Prefs file too. Now log into sherwood, redo the hack *this 1* and you will be admin.
>>It tells the admin commands on there.
>>IF this way doesn't work try this way:
WAY 2: Find your IP (Search name in text, browse memory region, ip is in the middle of the 09750947 whatever and the Name.) Write it down.
>>Now get gene's IP. Do the same, search his name and get the IP.
>>Once you get both, Search your IP (4 bytes) . you get 1 result, so double click it, and change the value to Gene's IP.
>Change what merchant sells: For this 1, search Merchant in text. Then do the memory region thing. You will see the merchant table thing, highlight it in red, and right click and click add to address list. Now change the number of the value to change the items. List is in the memory region.
>Change what Castle Guard says: Rather odd, but search Castle Guard in text, and browse memory region, annd find the paragraph where he says it. Change the words on the game. Re join the room (other room, then the room) And you will see the changes.
>1 hit kill everyone in room: Search PvP in text, browse memory region. Now you got a few options here:
1. make yourself 1 hit kill everyone by changing PvP value to like 9999999 or making level matter by clicking where it says level does NOT matter and change it to it DOES.
2. Kill everyone in the room by finding where it says Player value, make it 0, and click add to all. They all die.
>Talisman = 1 hit kill: Search talisman in text. Browse memory region, now find the talisman Warning+1 (Bad Word) value where it says it clearly, add it to the address list, make it like 999999999 and you get it.
>Change how many people can enter a room: search Rooms in text, and browse memory region. Now find where it says 25 can join room max. Change it to like 100 and 100 people can be in room. Watch out, this may get people banned.
>Easy monster hack: Go to like floor 1 and search Floor 1 or Floor One in text for CE and go into the memory region. Find monster value and change it to like 999.
>Spam room: type something and scan 1. type something else, scan 2. When you get 1 result, freeze it at 0.
If this is patched, search the to spam the same sentence, scan what you said. Example:
memory region when you get 1 result.
><><Now if you want
Alpha Says: Hi everyone!!!!!
Scan "Hi everyone!!!!!" In text search. Take the result, browse the memory region, and change to what you want.
•••Now type like a, press enter and the sentence you froze in will appear, and you can spam it.
--Make sure it is the right address though or nothing will happen.
1. Search Sir Gene In text with ce.
2. Browse the memory region for his name.
3. Click CTRL + D Inside the mem region.
4. Click add new structure (define)
5. Look up where it says Sir Gene then you see Pointer, Word, Code, String, Text, etc.
-take note of the IP uder the name.
•Search your name in text, do the same as Gene's but define structure as Your name.
•Get your Ip.
•Now search Gene's IP in 4 bytes in ce.
•Take the 1 result, make the value = your IP.
>>Problem before is the IP we got was only text IP not real IP.-
(See forum for revised edition)
Camera Mode Hack
-Go in camera mode and scan unknown Initial value.
-Move the camera somewhere, and scan changed value.
-If you go up or down, increased/decreased works.
-Once you get enough values, freeze them. Try moving the camera...
Shockwave Corruptiom
1. Search Shockwave Player In text.
2. Right click result, find what writes to this address.
3. GO to an island, and click replace for the result that appeared.
4. Go to island 1 and every player gets corrupted.
WARNING: This hack is dangerous and can result in bad consequences. Usually works though.
NEW Healing Healing Ring Hack


1. Ok make it search for a formula.

2. Now, get all 3 rings, 33%,66%, and 100%.

3. In the forumla, search M1,M2,M3 just like that. (If it doesn't work, try +'s, or just spaces)

4. Now get rid of the 33%, and filter it as m2,m3

5. Take the 1 result, and make the M3=m500

6. Your ring will turn into 999% healing ring.


Special Attack Hack

1. Make it a sequence scan. Scan 1, 2 ,3, and 4. Now keep pressing the next scan until you get around 30-. Now make all the addresses to 1, 2 ,3 ,4. Test with what happens each. It will keep doing the same attack, which can make you god in certain situations.


Special Attack hack (CE way)

1. Ok attack once, and depending on your attack, scan the number 1-4. Test with the values. (thrust, slash, blunt force <kick>, and cleave)
2. Do another attack, and next scan the new value.
3. When you get the value, change it to what you want. Try 5+ see what happens.
Boot Artmoney Way

1. Ok this will only effect 1 person. Scan there name in text, and right click the values, and click Memory editor. We do this with artmoney because it is easier. take all the values of the first memory scan window, and make them -. If you hit the right result, the person's internet browser will crash.
Moderator hack/Moderator Hack

1. Admin hack is patched but this works.
Start by searching "Moderator" in text. It will mostly look for moderator names and things, but 1 value is the right 1.
2. When you get the values, go to memory editor. Now copy all the lines to something so you can later see them.
3. Now search your name in text.  When you find the right 1 (test them) copy all the lines to something also. Now paste the lines for the "Moderator" to your name. EVERY one. You will see a little box at the bottom of the screen saying Moderator: then a type place. IF you want to kick someone, you enter there name there, click the arrow to provide the drop down list, and click Kick. You can also ban, lock, etc.
NOTE: This works with cheat engine, just is easier with artmoney.

Changing # in Barrels

1.-Find a Barrel OR Chest with 4 items in it...
2. - Scan(exact value /4 Bytes)>>>> the number 4
3.- take an item out of barrel then Scan >>>>>>>the number 3
4. take another item out of barrel then Scan >>>>>the number 2
5. take another item out of barrel then Scan >>>>the number 1
•If all went well , you should have one adress , change the number back to 4..
--Do not make the value too high--
Critical Hack:

1. The critical value is in "Float" form so put it in float. Now, what you need to do is TEXT search "Critical" Another words put the word "Critical" in there and then scan it.
2. Ok click the top value, (Right click) and click BROWSE MEMORY REGION, if it looks like the right sherwood values, then look on there. You will see the critical %, copy it down, and then scan it with FLOAT, Exact value. Change the value to 100, for criticals all the time.
Easier Bounce Hack

1. This can be done with 2 scans.
-->Start at the bottom of the tower (Courtyard ground) and scan 9.
•make sure it is FLOAT, and exact value.
2. Walk to the top of the tall tower, and scan 158.
•you will get 4 results with 158.xxxxxxxxxxx (X being decimals) and a bunch of NAN results. Only add the 4 158s to the list, and there you have the bounce addresses. You can freeze, change, do whatever.